The Missouri Citizens Militia In The News

I founded the Missouri Citizen Militia because we have gotten away from the idea that once made
us great. People wanted to start organizing due to the events going on in our great nation. At the end of 2nd
Amendment our forefathers made sure to express that our rights "shall not be infringed". We the People are the true check and balance for Liberty. The word "militia" has been demonized over the years so people would be afraid and dismiss the idea and there would be no opposition.
George Washington once said "the best preservation of peace is to at all times be prepared for war." The original
intention was that each town have its own militia so that when the government would turn tyrannical or a foreign nation ever tried to invade the United States, We the People would be able to protect our own. We often get deemed as racists or anti-government. -We are definitely neither. We stand for a limited government. If you are an average citizen and are tired of the way things are going, our veterans can turn you into someone who has the ability to stand up for our rights against enemies both foreign and domestic.
When I first started the MCM in 2010, people started contacting me about turning this into a legitimate organization.
With the time, diligence, and experience, this has been an incredible journey so far. From meeting all of the phenomenal
people who have joined, to training events, attending meetings at the State Capital, the fund raisers for women's shelters, some of the ops we have done, and the many more activities we hold, I cannot wait to see what our unfolding future holds. The best part of the whole journey is the family that has formed from it. There truly are some of the best patriots at my side that I have ever come across. We are not a "keyboard" group. We take great pride in being active and backing up everything we say. If you want true liberty it will require your dedication. If you're waiting on your next door neighbor to make it happen for you then it will never happen. If you're waiting on your mother or your father, they may be so ancient in their thinking that they don't understand this opportunity you have. As for the enemies of freedom or those who are potential adversaries; they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people.
 We will negotiate for it -We will sacrifice for it -But we will never surrender for it
Not now - Nor ever.

-Aaron Penberthy
Founder and CO of the Missouri Citizens Militia